Canon T3 – A Great Package for Amateur Photographers

The Canon T3 is among the most recommended basic DSLR’s for budding photographers. It has all the basic features needed to jumpstart a career in professional photography and it comes at a fairly reasonable price of $549.99. But don’t let its price fool you. This is not some cheap DSLR look-alike that takes low quality photos. It certainly is at par with some of the best cameras available today. Each box contains the T3 body, its accompanying EF-S type II lens, the eyecup, a wide strap, interface cable, battery pack and charger, the camera’s solution disk and instruction manual. This simple ensemble is everything an amateur photographer needs to deliver great photos and fun videos.

The 12.2 Megapixel Canon T3 offers high-quality image whilst maintaining a sleek compact design. Some might say that the quality of the images and the settings offered by this entry-level camera do not inspire its user to be more creative and daring. But the real beauty of this camera lies in its ability to teach its user the basics of good and decent photography before getting to more complicated shots and visuals. An amateur needs to practice and master proper lighting and exposure along with composition and camera angles before he can fully learn and appreciate the use of aperture settings, focal lengths, shutter speed settings and depth of field measurements. Like most Canon models, this camera has an ISO 100-6400 for excellent transition when shooting from bright to dim light.Its improved HD movie mode comes with built-in camera movie editing options. Accurate metering is assured between exposures with its dual-layer metering system. The LCD monitor is a 2.7 inch wide screen. A live view function is also added for improved viewing. Imaging features such as basic function, quick setting function, and creative auto are also incorporated in this camera to give its user the ability to customize the camera according to purpose. Amateurs will find the new feature guide and quick control screen extremely helpful with its short descriptions of each function.

The Canon T3 may not offer the best frame rate speed and burst depth but it still does the job better than most. Some users may complain of its weak flash but that can be remedied. One can also decide to buy a separate compatible lens for more advanced shooting if needed. Last but not the least, since it is designed for newbies, you can be certain that every feature available on this camera can be easily understood and put to use.


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